The nice thing about web sites is that if you don’t like what you see, you can click it “off”.  You can also share your thoughts and opinions with a simple click and know that your reply will be given the attention it deserves. You can move around and read what you wish and ignore the rest, read it now, read it later. Doesn’t matter. In my opinion, it is communication at its finest.

I love all animals, but especially birds. I definitely qualify as a practicing bird-aholic with hopes of never finding a cure. Birds are fun, loyal, smart, funny and relatively easy to live with. It is said that they came from the sea millions of years ago and upon emerging, instead of walking, developed wings so that they could fly through the air as they once flew across the ocean floor. Regardless of how they evolved, I find it fascinating that they are able to walk, fly and talk, and as dogs do, they love to make humans happy. God has blessed us in many ways. One is our “Paradise Found” in Palm Desert, which has been featured in several newspaper and magazine articles. The property has been designed and decorated to accommodate the animals living there. It has been an added bonus that we and our human friends enjoy it as much as the animals.


You can see more of this Paradise that we call "BG Bird Gardens", if you click on Paradise Found

We have also been blessed with two very successful, family owned business ventures. You can link to our food manufacturing business by clicking on or our commercial real estate company at

I have had my passion for birds since the early 1980s and because of this affection, have accumulated a collection of some of the most beautiful, intelligent, and loving birds imaginable. To my delight, and theirs, we often share our Bird Garden paradise with groups of other animal loving people.

You can meet all my companion animals if you click on Our Critters.

Since buying our home in Palm Desert, I have found myself deeply involved with several of the charity organizations that are based here (almost 800 of them, I'm told) I truly feel that most of them are wonderful, but I give most of my efforts to the various animal welfare groups and we often have fund raising events here at the BG Bird Gardens.

In late 2008, I began work on yet another charity organization that I hope will provide additional benefits for our companion animals.

Click on to learn more about our new non-profit and the other local animal welfare organizations that we support.  we also have links to some national organizations that we support.

An emotional part of my life was spent in search of my stolen Leadbeater Cockatoo and I was reminded of the pain of separation from a loved animal again through the perils of the Katrina Disaster. A tool exists today that could reunite lost pets with their owners.

Click on MicroChip Your Pets to learn more.








Some old people (my age) write a book, I chose a web site to tell various stories. I hope you enjoy it.

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